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  • 15ft x 15ft Jailbreaker Dog Run


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    15ft x 15ft ‘Jail Breaker’ Dog Run

    Premium Lifestyle’s ‘Jailbreaker’ series is unique to New Zealand, as we have designed and made it to add a variety of benefits to housing dogs.
    The vertical bars make it virtually impossible to climb, even for the best escape artists. Giving dog owners added peace of mind. Between the bars is an 9-10cm gap, and this also deters dogs who are prone to bouncing off the sides of other dog runs from doing so, as once they miss the bars, they wont try bouncing again.

    This run is fully hot dip galvanized after welding for excellent rust protection.

    The run is 15ft wide, x 15ft deep and 6ft high – allowing easy access and maintenance.

    Price includes GST.

    Screw and nut connection method: