• Cattle Yard Components

  • New Ownership

    After establishing Premium Lifestyle over five years ago the original owners have moved on and sold the business. David and Thomas Mitchell have purchased Premium Lifestyle and have relocated the business to 88 Berketts Rd, Rolleston. David and Thomas are Father and Son and will continue to ensure Premium Lifestyle continues to produce extremely high […]

    October Update

    It has been sometime since our last update, recent times have been fraught with a number of worrying events for farmers, from a plummeting dairy pay out forecast through to unpredictable weather. While lower pay-outs have a major impact on a farms budget, we believe it’s not worth reducing costs down to a level which […]

    Product Updates July 2015

    It’s been a busy few months at Premium Lifestyle, Winter has been pretty sharp so far this year and there is a lot of unrest with the current dairy price decreases being forecasted by Fonterra. We have seen a lot of customers who are currently focusing on smaller yards, and bringing less cattle through them […]

    Product Updates April 2015

    It’s been awhile since our last update, so we thought we should touch base and let our customers know how some of our latest products are coming along. Economy Farm Gates We recently have been requested to supply basic farm gates aimed at only keeping sheep and lighter stock contained. So we will be releasing […]

    2015 Product & Project Updates

    Greetings from the Premium Lifestyle Team. it’s been a while since our last update so we thought we would touch base and show some new products and latest projects which have been completed. Recently we provided one of our local customers a Premium Lifestyle 250 head cattle yard, with cattle crush and 2 way cattle […]

    Cattle Yard Components

    If you’re in need of cattle yard components, look no further than a Premium Lifestyle, as we believe that our cattle yards are some of the strongest and best value in New Zealand. All our cattle yard components are built from our non bruising cattle rail and can be configured as per customer request. The best part of the Premium Lifestyle cattle yard component system is that it is fully flexible and can be configured to meet your requirements. All items can be purchased individually or in higher quantities.

    Cattle Yard Panels

    Calf Gates

    Man Gates

    Cattle Swinging Gates

    4m Cattle Gate

    Cattle panel with Incorporated personnel gate

    Sliding Gates

    Talon Headbail

    Gate Style Headbail

    Cattle Yard Gates for Wooden Yards

    Race Support Frames

    Full Cattle Race

    Cattle Loading Ramp 

    Catwalk Frame

    Heavy Duty Anti Backing Bars

    Anti Backing Swinging Gate